• Jane Gonin

My new business Card

Three decorative thimbles and a victorian pin cushion.

When I first went freelance I had absolutely no problem choosing the image for my business card. It was from a much-loved reference book by Norah Waugh. I still love the book and use it often but with the changes in our industry over the last few years and with the use of social media becoming more prominent I thought it a was time to create an image that I could use across all marketing formats, digital and hard copy which also said something more about me and my work.

In the above picture I have assembled some special gifts that were given to me from a special person. They are three thimbles and a Victoria pin cushion in the shape of a pig. They represent essential tools of my trade but have been given decorative characteristics and are made in quality metals, stones and fabric. One is embellished with vines leaves and turquoise, one having an amber stone top, two of my favourite stones and the smallest thimble being made in gold. The pig is made of silver with a velvet cushion on its back to hold the pins.

This represents the quality of the materials I use in my work; the quality of my workmanship and each unique shape represents the uniqueness of my commissions.


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