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The Man in the White Suit

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

I was commissioned to make a two-piece suit which is made in beautiful brocade and will be lined. The dress is straight the bodice and skirt shaping achieved with darts, not seams. There is a back pleat in the skirt from the hem upwards, a sweet-heart neck line which has decoration at the front.

The jacket is straight, with no collar and two large buttons and ¾ length sleeves

The second dress is just as stunning. We are doing it as a Dior outfit dress, so we are building the corset into and making a net crinoline petticoat of different colours.

The main part of the dress is made from a shocking pink dupion covered with black Chantilly lace. Absolutely beautiful.

After rehearsals had started there was a change to how Kara was going to be wearing the latter dress. As she was such a wonderful dancer, the director had decided to show off her skills as part of her ‘seduction’ of the leading man, Stephen Mangan. She was to take off her dress to reveal a bright pink rumba dress underneath, which was to be very sexy and revealing.

We overcame this challenge by changing the dress to a wrap over style and making it like a coat dress. We also then stitched the petticoat into the dress and used strategically placed fastenings for Kara to be able to open the garment on stage. It worked wonderfully and drew a gasp from the audience, as it revealed her sparkly stunning rumba dress.

The demands on this stunning gown did not finish with this scene.

We achieved all challenges presented to us in style and with fantastic workmanship so Kara was able to simply show the audience how amazing she was. And it was tremendous.

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